Visit Mumbai’s Largest Recycling Industry in Dharavi Slum Tour

Mumbai is a beautiful city that offers picturesque landscapes and beautiful scenery. The city offers a lasting impression as a location that you feel like you might have seen before. This is likely due to the fact that so many people have found the area to be the perfect setting for a wide range of different movies. There is a wide range of activities that you can be involved in when it comes to tours in Mumbai.

One of the best ways to see the city of Mumbai is with a walking tour. This allows you to experience the city while learning about their deep history. The Mumbai slum tour is a great experience that will help to show you the true spirit of the people of Mumbai. The people will show you what hope looks like, even when you might not understand that hope. Additionally, you will be able to visit the area where the show “Slumdog Millionaire” was filmed.

A Little About the History of the Dharavi Slum

The Dharavi Slum was originally founded in 1882. It was during the British Raj that it was created, but today it still remains a major part of the city. In fact, it actually covers over five hundred acres within the city. The Mumbai Dharavi Tour takes you into this elusive part of the city and allows for you to see areas that you probably would not have otherwise.

What You Can Expect from a Tour?

When you decide to go on the Dharavi Slum Tour Mumbai you will see a number of different places within the city. You will also learn a number of unique facts that can prepare you for what you are seeing within the city. These facts are ones that you will probably not hear anywhere else, which means that you are getting a special tour full of special details.

In addition to seeing new places and having new exciting experiences, the tour will allow you to make some amazing new memories with your family.

What You Will Learn from the Tour?

There are many things that you are going to learn with a Slum tour. The first impression might be that you are doing something that is wrong or immoral. You might worry that you are exploiting the misfortune of others. However, truth is that instead of this you are going to learn about the people who live there and you will be surprised by the stereotypes that are destroyed.

What you will learn is a story of hope. This hope will offer you the chance to see what type of conditions some people aspire to rise above. Overall, a great choice for you to see what type of hope you can have in a unique atmosphere. Additionally, you can see how truly thankful you should be. It is a great way to teach lessons to your children and other family members about the lives that some people live while having a nice time exploring a new place.

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