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Mumbai Darshan – Enjoy Mumbai City Tour filled with passion and excitement 

Every city we visit has a unique outlook and culture. As tourists, the only way a person can truly enjoy the singular aspects of any city is to have knowledge about what to see. Mumbai especially has a rich history and culture. However, most tourists have only a Wikipedia knowledge of the city and would definitely draw a blank if asked about what they would like to see in Mumbai. This is because the distinctiveness of Mumbai is not seemingly obvious. You need to think like a local to see the wonders of the city come alive. Mystical Mumbai is solely dedicated to this. As our name suggests, we do not want you just come and see the city, we want you to experience its quirks, its wonders and its flavor. Here are some awesome Mumbai tour package that we offer to make your Mumbai experience a true darshan.

  • Slum tours: Dharavi slum is one of the biggest attractions of Mumbai. Our two hour walk through the rustic parts of the Mumbai metropolitan would certainly offer you a unique insight into the workings of small businesses such as pottery, embroidery and leather. It also offers you a glimpse into the local cuisines, way of life and general operation of the slums. If you are a movie buff, you can even visit the exact location where the movie ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ was filmed.
  • Bicycle tours: if you are a biker at heart, then here’s your opportunity to get a quick glance of all the wonders of the Mumbai while you ride with the wind in the early hours of the day. Apart from the satisfaction that you get from being pumped up from all the exercise that you will be doing, you also get to relax in super scenic spots while sipping hot chai latte.
  • Market tours: Indulge yourself in some super economic retail therapy as you take in the beautiful vistas of the colorful Mumbai markets. The exotic flea markets in Crawford, Mangalda and Colaba are sure to satiate your shopper’s cravings with one-of-a-kind, hand-made items that are uniquely Indian in design and style. Get a load of Indian fashion, home décor, art at great bargains. If you are not familiar with the language, our friendly guides are more than ready to assist you in your quest to rake up a great deal.
  • Day trips: Our Mumbai day trips can span a full day or half-day depending on your convenience. Day trips include trips to heritage sights and colonial architecture, visit the beaches outlying the Mumbai coastlines, scrumptious food tours, a glimpse of the Mumbai nightlife and the scintillating Bollywood tours.
  • Elephanta caves tour: Give the shutterbug in you a big treat as you get lost among the ancient rock cuttings of the famous Elephanta caves. The enchanting caves dating as far back as 7th century BC, is a monumental offering to the Hindu God Shiva and his consort Parvati. The cuttings also depict Shiva as Nataraja- the Lord of dance.
  • Village tours: Get a first-hand experience of how life fares in the villages located on the outskirts of Mumbai with our super-fun village tour package.
  • Bollywood tour: A great chance be enthralled with the glam and glitz of Bollywood as you travel through shooting sights of famous Hindi movies and ads. If you are in luck, you may even catch a glimpse of a celeb at work. This is a great way to experience how the elite of the Indian society live.

Apart, from the above mentioned tour packages, you also have the option of going on food tours, getting a quick tour of the city during an airport transfer, indulging yourself in the Mumbai nightlife and being part of a festival. All in all, the whole of Mumbai is your oyster depending on how well you choose from the different tour packages.

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