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Mumbai City & Slum Tour – Come See The Real Mumbai‎ With Mystical Mumbai

Mumbai city is a regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristics of India. It is ancient yet modern. Some parts of the city are fabulously rich, while others are very poor. People from different parts of India come to this city for various purposes such as commerce and trade, business and education among other things. It is a dream city for a large number of people. Mumbai is a city of film stars, glamour and night clubs. You can experience much of what Mumbai has to offer by taking a tour with Mystical Mumbai.

Mystical Mumbai hosts various types of tours for both individuals and groups. We assist our customers to explore Mumbai in a new and unique manner. When exploring the city, we treat our clients as important family members rather than guests. We have extensive experience in the tourism industry and we do what it takes to deliver the best.

We are glad to welcome you to see Mumbai’s hidden treasures. We offer guided tours that will give you a memorable experience. Mumbai has many attractions, including rock caves such as Kanheri, Elephant and Mahakali within the city limits. Many famous art galleries and museums are also found in the city. Examples are the National Gallery of Modern Art and the Wales Museum.

Mystical Mumbai also offers a two hour walking tour of the Dharavi slum. The Dharavi slum tour will take you through the largest slum in Mumbai, which is also the third largest slum in the world. It has about one million residents and about two hundred and eighty thousand individuals per kilometer. This is, therefore, one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

While touring the Dharavi slum, you will follow a guide through its narrow alleyways. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the local residents of Dharavi and their small scale enterprises, which include soap making, ceramics, recycling, leather tanning and embroidery among others. These activities generate more than 600 million U.S.A dollars every year. The slum is therefore a working city in its own right.

When taking the Dharavi tour Mumbai, you will have an idea about the sense of community which exists among the people who live and work there. Their diversity is reflected in the mosques, temples and churches. You will also tour the recycling area where metals and plastics come from all over the world to be recycled. You can see the whole recycling process.

You can also step inside one the bakeries and see tea biscuits being made, watch artisans use sun dried clay to create pots and watch the women make popaddoms. When taking a Dharavi tour, you can also visit a replica resident’s house, see images on exhibit captured by children in local art programs and observe the expansive view of the slum from a Dharavi factory rooftop.

At a community center sponsored by a non governmental organization, you will see a vibrant gathering of individuals learning computer skills and English or using the library. These people may also be engaging in activities like yoga and dancing. The tour guides from Mystical Mumbai are sensitive to the concerns and issues surrounding the slum and know that this kind of tour may be unsuitable for some people. Our guides believe that the goal of this tour is to educate visitors and allow them to understand how the residents of Dharavi live.

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