Truly Give You a Real Experience of Slum Life

Dharavi Slum Tour
Slum Tour Mumbai

Dharavi Slum Tour – Truly Give You a Real Experience of Slum Life

Travelling is one of the passions of the people and that to a place seeking empathy and voluntary involvement will be add on. Recall the famous and known movie, Slumdog Millionaire, which was filmed at Dharavi. As in the movie, a Mumbai Slum Tour gives an insight about the life in slums. You will get a walk-through to the small area of Mumbai and will get awareness as to how people perform activities there. The Dharavi Slum Tour will not be similar to the fishing village as it was earlier.

Dharavi is a local area in Mumbai, that is spread across 557 acres. Also, almost three lakh people stay in Dharavi. You must make Dharavi Slum Tour Mumbai and know why people consider it as the soul of the small-scale industry in Mumbai. The popular business activities in Dharavi are recycling, pottery-making, leather tanning, embroidery, baking, and much more.

People who have been the part of Dharavi tour found that there are residents from almost all over India; thereby, living by the aspect of diversity in India. Some of the main aspects of Dharavi Tour, Mumbai are:

  • Recycling Area: Here, the metal and plastic come from almost all parts of the world for recycling. While being a part of Dharavi tourism, you will see the entire recycling process happening at Dharavi.
  • Rooftop Visit: During the Dharavi Slum Tour Mumbai India , people became the part of the rooftop view, which they can never forget.
  • Poppadom Making: The major part of food produced at Dharavi is poppadom. This is the most important food of many Indians. This food is made by women staying at Dharavi.
  • Kumbharwada Pottery Colony: The artisans prepare various types of earthen pots here, which are delivered across all parts of India.

You must make a slum tour Mumbai once in your lifetime to get a glimpse of India never seen before. When you visit Dharavi, you will get more understanding about the lifestyle of the people living there. Apart from lifestyle, you will also know how people work in Mumbai slum areas.

You can also plan lunch or dinner with your family at Dharavi. You will not only be the part of the lifestyle at Dharavi but also get an understanding of how to make extra income from the work.

People in slum areas also get funds from NGOs and various other communities. Also, there are many non-government organizations that function for Dharavi. The Dharavi tour Mumbai will surely give you the real feel of how people below the poverty line live and earn for themselves. Also, researchers visit this place to closely observe the lifestyle of people living in a slum area. Similar to Dharavi, there are many other slum areas in Mumbai that depicts their poverty and social prejudices.

We must ensure that we give back the worth to the people living below the poverty line in such slum areas. This will help our country fight back poverty.

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