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The sight of the city with active joggers, busy streets, birds chirping, aroma coming from the street stalls truly delights the visitors of every age group. When you wish to be in loop of the city starting its day, Bicycle tours in Mumbai will be a perfect option to see the city in wee early mornings.

When you wish to elope in the beauty of winds and heritage sights of Mumbai, our friendly tour operators do ensure that you don’t miss out on any heritage points. The prime advantage of doing these tours with us is that we are always careful about your safety. All our bicycle and safety equipments are well maintained.

The duration of this Bicycle tour covers the prominence of Victoria terminus, Gateway of India, Colaba markets, Marine drive and much more. The friendly guides see to it you get to know about the city and everything is explained with the minutest aspects.

With invent of times, the friendly tour operators do take you scenic location and give you ample of undivided attention. The city at every point of time also gives you the proud feeling of historic times and proud moments of nostalgic times.

Even for the groups, we can provide you with extended support. We expertise in showing you bliss of various coastal sides of Mumbai. Our extended solutions are offered for day or night bicycle tours. When you wish to have unique and kind experiences, do book us. We do completely look for your contentment. You could enjoy the ride at its best and gain the treasures of unforgettable experiences with lot of photography. We do even have provision of haults for that perfect sip of “Chai” from the local vendors.

Duration: 3 hours

Mode of transport: Bicycle

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  • Gateway Of India
    Gateway of India
    The iconic place was constructed in the time of British Raj. The serene ferry services and various other entertainment activities do attract lot of tourists.
  • Victoria Terminus Train Station
    Victoria Terminus Train Station
    The excellent connectivity to central, harbor and outstation trains is simply mesmerizing. The exteriors too have perseverance of ancient colonial structure.
  • Crawford Market
    Crawford Market
    The first shopping destination which ran on electricity in ancient ages, till today the place remains to be unaffected with modern advancements.
  • Marine Drive
    Marine Drive
    Also name as queen necklace gives a beautiful view of Arabian sea.
  • Sasoon Dock
    Sasoon Dock
    The place has remained to be one of the oldest dock and constructed in 1875.

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